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With 457,000 camper vans, vans and motorhomes recorded in France this year; today these vehicles represent a real alternative to hotels, holiday clubs and other accommodation. To get the most out of your holiday and enjoy carefree driving, it is important to fit the right tyres, says Nokian.

Tyres for camper van Nokian

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Camper vans require durable tyres, capable of withstanding the weight of the vehicle when heavily loaded, as well as the driving conditions of the locations being visited. In particular, it is Finnish tyre manufacturer Nokian Tyres who proposes tyres specially designed for vans and camper vans. Featuring Aramid Sidewall technology, they offer durability and safety on all types of terrain thanks to sidewalls reinforced with extremely strong aramid fibres.

“Thanks to this technology, tyres have maximum strength on all terrain. The aramid fibre, combined with the rubber compound, strengthens the tyre’s sidewall and allows it to better withstand punctures or impacts (rocks, roots, pot holes or pavements for example), which could damage the tyres. The same material is also used by the aerospace and defence industries”, said Martin Dražík, Product Manager at Nokian Tyres Europe.

Even if this technology makes tyres very resistant, the unexpected can happen. In normal use, the Finnish tyre manufacturer proposes a Nokian Tyres Aramid guarantee which covers damage to the sidewalls of tyres. 

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Selection of Nokian tyres for vans and camper vans 

The Nokian cLine Van summer tyre offers stability, durability and safety when transporting heavy loads. The robust tyre offers advanced safety thanks to the use of Clinchspecial, a new rubber compound which makes the bead area stronger and improves driving comfort. This technology also reduces cabin noise. The rubber of sidewalls is reinforced with an aramid fibre that offers a higher resistance to damage and cuts. In order to reduce the risk of aquaplaning when it rains in summer, the centre groove of the Nokian cLine Van is supported by a wave groove. This also helps the tyre keep its shape and resist wear.

Tyre Nokian cLine Van

© Nokian Tyres

Initially designed for demanding professional use, such as transport trucks and delivery vans, the Nokian cLine Cargo summer tyre is also suitable for camper vans, vans and motorhomes thanks to its excellent handling properties even when heavily loaded. Like the Van version of the Nokian cLine, the Cargo is reinforced with aramid fibre and the Clinchspecial rubber compound which ensure a higher mileage and enhanced durability.

Tyre Nokian cLine Cargo

© Nokian Tyres

Drivers who take their camping car to the mountains in winter can also fit the Nokian Weatherproof C, a high performance all season tyre. It guarantees firm control and balance when carrying heavy loads, even on snow covered roads. This tyre is available with different tread models for larger vehicles and lighter loads. The customized asymmetrical tread pattern suitable for lighter vans (Nokian Weatherproof C Cargo) reduces the risk of aquaplaning and offers enhanced comfort.

A few precautions for peace of mind when going on holiday 

To avoid unexpected situations when travelling with a camper van or motorhome, it is important to check the condition of your tyres, particularly their age, wear and pressure.  

  • Even with suitable high quality tyres, they must be replaced after 6 years of use. 
  • The condition of the tread must be checked several times during the summer. The maximum tread depth recommended by Nokian is 4 mm.
  • Before leaving on a long trip with your vehicle, the tyre pressure must be checked, since a correct tyre pressure guarantees stable handling and a safe drive. Also, the tyre gains in longevity and the vehicle’s fuel consumption is lower.


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