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Avon renews its winter range with the WV7 and WT7

It’s been a fruitful year for Avon who has focused on the launch of new products on the tyre market. The brand continues its momentum by launching two new tyres, the WV7 and WT7, developed for next winter.

Avon winter tyres, the WV7 and WT7

The WV7 and WT7, two new performance winter tyres from Avon © Avon

New tyres in the winter range

Last April, Avon launched two tyres for its summer range, the ZV7 and the ZX7.Now the winter range has been renewed with the arrival of two new tyres: the WV7 and WT7.

WV7 and WT7 for tough winters

For its WV7 winter alpine tyre, Avon has developed an efficient tread design: thanks to an increased sipe density, the tyre delivers more traction in packed snow, slush, ice and on wet roads.

The tread also features forward facing shoulder grooves and V-slots to enhance braking performance. The backward facing centre groove is designed to improve traction. The brand wants to provide future motorists, passenger car owners, with added peace of mind when driving in winter.

To seduce motorists, the other winter tyre, the Avon WT7 has also a great deal to offer: tested in Alpine winter conditions, the WT7 is designed to stand up to tough winter conditions such as those encountered in extremely cold weather. And, thanks to its broad range of sizes, it can also equip a large number of vehicles.

Approved winter tyres

The Avon WV7 and WT7 tyres are both marked with the 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake) symbol, proof of their performance on winter roads. Furthermore, Jeff Schumaker, manager for Avon Tyres, says that the brand is doing all it can to ensure its latest products are available to distributors “in plenty of time before the harsh winter months are upon us", so that drivers can equip their vehicles beforehand.

WV7 and WT7: available dimensions

The Avon WV7 winter tyre is available in 15 to 18 inch sizes, with an H and V speed rating. As for the WT7, it can fit many car types with available sizes ranging from 13 to 16 inches and it exists with a T speed rating.


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