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Yokohama’s new semi-slick tyre: Advan A052

The Yokohama Advan A048 is an unbeatable semi-slick tyre whose efficiency is widely acknowledged. With its veteran status in this segment, it is finally being replaced by a very promising product: the Advan A052.

Yokohama Advan A052

The new semi-slick Yokohama Advan A052 - Copyright © : Yokohama

Tyre manufacturer Yokohama has always specialised in Ultra High Performance tyres as well as semi-slicks with iconic products such as the A032R, the A048 or with a less radical positioning, the AD08R.

In response to changing competition like Michelin with the Pilot Sport Cup 2, or Toyo with the R888 R, it was time for the Japanese tyre manufacturer to introduce a new product. This has now been done with the Advan we are presenting today.

Unlike its predecessor, the A052 is road legal, even if given its characteristics it is developed for a sporty and radical use on the track.

According to Yokohama, the A052 is much better than its predecessor delivering superior overall performance in both wet and dry conditions. A special focus has been put on grip and handling to further improve driving pleasure and efficiency.

The Advan A052 will be available on the market from July 2016, in 16 sizes ranging from 16 to 18 inches.

Yokohama Advan A052

Copyright © : Yokohama


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