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Toyo Proxes R888R: the new benchmark for semi-slicks?

The Toyo R888 is a must in the track day world. Its successor has just been presented with, as a major difference, an asymmetric tread design. Presentation of the newcomer.

Asymmetric tread Toyo Proxes R888R

 The Toyo Proxes R888R, with an asymmetric tread design, succeeds the R888 - Copyright © : Toyo

The Toyo Proxes R888 is a tyre well-known to sports car enthusiasts and track day participants. Homologated for road use, it targets drivers looking for a product delivering exceptional performance on the dry.

It can also be found in hillclimb races and on some historic vehicles. Its wide range of sizes (13 to 20-inch rims) makes it ideal for a vast range of sports cars. Logically, its successor has a lot of pressure on its shoulders.

The Toyo Proxes R888R adopts a different architecture. Indeed, the R888 was a directional tyre whereas the R888R is an asymmetric tyre. This radical change should, in theory, improve the tyre’s steering response.  

Toyo Proxes R888 versus R888R

Copyright © : Toyo

However, the most important changes are not necessarily the most visible. Toyo has announced that the R888R benefits from a long on-track development, resulting in a more competitive, therefore faster... and more durable tyre.

The feeling has also improved to optimise steering feedback and take the driving experience to another level.

The R888R will gradually replace the R888 during 2015 with a launch of the 32 sizes produced initially.


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