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rezulteo launches the new version of its website in Turkey and Poland

6 and 8 years after its launch in Turkey and Poland, rezulteo is updating its image with a new website. More innovative, the 2.0 version of the website wants to be closer to its users.

rezulteo launches two new websites : Poland and Turkey

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A website closer to consumers

Turkey and Poland join the 6 other rezulteo countries already using the new version. These two key markets follow in the steps of France, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands who have each respectively updated their websites. 

This new version has been developed with a specific aim: make the process of purchasing, fitting and maintaining tyres easier. Several innovative technologies have been introduced to the different websites:

  • An intelligent search engine to find tyres by size, vehicle, season, tyre category and even by driver type in a few clicks.
  • A visual and complete comparison to compare all tyres available on line from thousands of products. rezulteo helps you compare tyres via a rating system calculated from official tests or based on the performances displayed on the European tyre label.
  • The possibility to buy tyres at the best price by being redirected to the retailer’s website. rezulteo collects the prices from different retailer websites. The consumer only has to compare them and make his choice.
  • A website that collects all useful information for the consumer. Whether in relation to fitting centres, car maintenance and retailer websites (services, methods of payment, opening hours, etc.) or vehicles (tyre sizes, recommended pressures, markings).
  • Customised support throughout the purchasing process, to guide consumers and answer their questions free of charge. rezulteo experts are available to help and guide consumers as best as possible by mail or via the social networks.
  • Simple and accessible practical guides containing all the information you need to purchase tyres and ensure their maintenance. Tyre types, tyre pressures, maintenance, fitting advice and the choice of tyres: everything is covered.
  • A blog with all tyre market news: tests, comparisons, new products, brand news.
  • A page with all the special offers and deals to buy tyres from our partners.

A continuously improving website

rezulteo is constantly changing. We regularly analyse, test and implement new features to be able to offer the best service to compare and purchase tyres and all tyre-related support. Thanks to a growing number of partners, both brands and retailers, we can offer more extensive services and provide consumers with the most accurate information.


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