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COVID-19: information by rezulteo

The tyre comparison site rezulteo continues to focus on providing information about car tyres, mobility and road safety even during the corona outbreak. Working from home, the rezulteo team gives you a broad range of information and services.

COVID-19: information rezulteo

rezulteo continues to focus on providing information about car tyres, mobility and road safety. © Adobe Stock

Information by rezulteo

The COVID-19 outbreak affects everyone, both personally and professionally. As rezulteo, we are also doing our best to keep you informed about tyres, performance and prices and to make sure our website works without any problems.

For a week now, all rezulteo teams are working from home. In times of #stayathome, we are especially trying to offer you a source of information that allows you to choose your tyres best.

Can I still buy tyres?

Will tyre dealers stay open in lockdown? It is not an easy question to answer. Following the announcement from the Prime Minister on Monday 23rd March 2020, most tyre dealers are now in the process of reviewing their possibilities. For the moment, consumer tyre technicians and automotive garages are among the limited number of retailers that are allowed to remain open. But given the evolving situation with regard to the COVID-19 outbreak, the situation is being closely monitored and reviewed daily.

Each tyre dealer with a fitting service provides an up-to-date information on their websites, taking into account the evolving situation and governmental advice. With regards to online retailers, delivery still possible, but in some places not as quickly.

Health comes first

At this point we would like to express our support to all involved in the automotive and tyre sectors affected by this unprecedented crisis: manufacturers, retailers, garages,  and of course you, our users.

In these difficult times it is important to pay attention to the authorities' advice and to follow their guidelines with great care! If you are on the road, follow the traffic rules to reach your destination safely and avoid unnecessary stress to first aid services.

For any questions feel free to contact us.

Please take care.

* We would like to point out that the situation in the country is subject to continuous evolution process of reviewing by authorities. Please refer to the information on the respective dealer websites in accordance with the legal requirements.


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