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Christmas List: gifts for car lovers

You need a gift for a car lover, but short of ideas? For someone with a big love for cars, there is a unique range of gifts on the tyre theme. Here is rezulteo’s gift ideas for car owners which may inspire you!

Christmas gift list: winter tyre, snow chains, TPMS, puncture repair kit, tyre with rim protector … to offer

Looking for gift ideas for Christmas? rezulteo has prepared a list to treat your car! © iStock

What is the best gift for car lovers?

The task of finding Christmas gifts can be tedious, especially if you are short of ideas. Here is a Christmas list which may give you some rather original and practical ideas of gifts:

  • Snow socks to keep your tyres warm: indeed, they are very useful, but to drive on snow. There are various models to choose from depending on your budget and needs, whether made from composite materials or textile.

Textile or composite: choosing the right snow socks

  • Solid snow chains that are easy to fit to drive on snow covered roads. The choice depends on your budget and how often you travel to areas with difficult conditions in winter (#skiing #ski #snow #winter). Snow chain equipment can be mandatory in some mountain regions and can be indicated on roads with a specific traffic sign.

Everything you need to know about snow chains

  • It's not that chilly right now, huh? But, did you know that even at temperatures below 7 degrees, winter tyres offer more safety than other tyre types? Sure, everybody thinks you only need them when there is snow, but that is actually not the whole truth. You can consider them as cold weather tyres that will get you safely to your destination throughout the winter.

What is the difference between cold weather tyres and standard tyres

  • Gloves are particularly useful for ice scraping and to protect freezing hands when driving a cold car. However gloves should not affect your ability to drive. Look, gloves are particularly useful when pulling on snow chains. So our tip: Always have some gloves with you!
  • Our favorite idea and affordable for every budget: a pocket torch. In case of an incident it can be very important! So make sure you have a torch in your car in the event of a puncture or engine problems.
  • How about a puncture kit to be able to repair a tyre puncture. A tyre repair kit can be very useful if you have a puncture since it will allow you to drive to the nearest garage! To repair a tyre, there are various options to choose from: a mesh, puncture repair spray…

Got a puncture: what should you do?

Wish list for car lovers

© rezulteo


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