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Find out more about how the rezulteo site works and how we can help simplify your tyre-buying experience.

11 questions and answers about winter tyres

Winter tyres questions and answers: pressure, legislation, snow chains, price, ecology, 3PMSF, etc
Each year, winter tyres raise a lot of questions. Find all the answers to your questions and learn more about winter tyres: the right tyre pressure, driving on snow, winter tyre regulations, environmental impact, 3PMSF marking, M+S tyres, all season tyres.

Christmas List: gifts for car lovers

Christmas gift list: winter tyre, snow chains, TPMS, puncture repair kit, tyre with rim protector … to offer
You need a gift for a car lover, but short of ideas? For someone with a big love for cars, there is a unique range of gifts on the tyre theme. Here is rezulteo’s gift ideas for car owners which may inspire you!

Black Friday 2019: How to save money on tyres?

Black Friday Tyres
We have prepared for you a selection of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 offers. On rezulteo you find exceptional discounts on products from major tyre brands and tyre promotion codes made available to you by our partners.

rezulteo launches the new version of its website in Turkey and Poland

rezulteo launches two new websites : Poland and Turkey
6 and 8 years after its launch in Turkey and Poland, rezulteo is updating its image with a new website. More innovative, the 2.0 version of the website wants to be closer to its users.

Why tyre damage from potholes could soon be a thing of the past

A large pothole in the road
Potholes. They are no doubt one of the biggest causes of premature tyre replacement, but could they soon be a thing of the past? We take a look at some of the latest tyre-friendly technology that could be coming to a street near you.

rezulteo’s price comparison tool now available on

The price comparison tool developed by rezulteo has been integrated into the website
rezulteo has strengthened its partnership with Spanish price comparison website, by providing its price comparison tool for tyres.

Stay zen this bank holiday weekend: check your tyres before you travel

Check your tyres before setting off on holiday
Bank holiday travel can be stressful enough without the additional hassle of a flat tyre followed by a detour to the garage. Fortunately, it’s quick and easy to check your tyres before you hit the road.
We bring you our top 5 pre-trip checks…

New MOT: what changes for your tyres?

Tyres at an MOT
From 20 May in the UK and several European countries, the MOT will change. Find out more about the new law and what it means for your tyres.

Winter driving: make sure your car and tyres are prepared

Snow tires checklist
Winter is fast approaching, bringing cold weather that can affect the performance of your vehicle and your tyres. Here’s all you need to know to enjoy a safe drive in winter.

Buying tyres made simple

Rezulteo: everything you need to know about tyres
You’re about to leave on holiday, the car is fully packed... when suddenly, a doubt arises: "hmmm, how long has it been since I changed my tyres?" Kneeling down, you examine your tyres and think "shouldn’t I be able to see a tread wear indicator?" Doubt turns to worry and you eventually decide that it would be unwise to set off on a long journey with tyres in this condition. Then the nightmare begins: "where can I find replacement tyres at the last minute? For sure, it’s going to cost me a fortune...and even then, what tyres should I choose?"
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