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The best cars for first time car buyers

Used car versus new car? This is what new drivers should look out for
Whether you are just qualified or a mature new driver, buying the first car is often one of the most memorable milestones. The car should be cheap, easy to drive and safe. Find out what you need to know to keep an eye on the budget and safety of young drivers.

8 routes to prepare a breathtaking coastal road trip

Prepare an extraordinary road trip on coastal roads
Summer holidays are fast approaching. What about taking a car road trip to visit some wonderful architectural and cultural sites and beautiful countryside? Discover 8 routes to explore by car for memorable road trips in Ireland and other countries. What do they have in common? They are all coastal roads which have many surprises in store for a unique experience.

How to replace a blown fuse in your car?

Find the fuse box under the bonnet
All cars on the road are equipped with on-board electronic systems with multiple options for driving, safety and comfort aids. The fuse box is designed to protect the electrical circuits in the event of overheating. But how do you change a fuse in your car? And where is the fuse box located? A rezulteo tutorial.

Change your oil at home: it’s easy and cheap

To drain and change the engine oil yourself
Why not change the oil in your car yourself? It is not expensive and relatively easy to do. But how do you change your engine oil at home? What equipment do you need? To guarantee that the oil is changed correctly, follow our step by step tutorial.

6 tips to keep your car clean

Correctly clean the seats and carpets in your car to keep it healthy
Now that the good weather is here, you want to keep your car clean? With cheap natural cleaning products we often have at home, you can clean your car properly. Your car should be cleaned thoroughly twice a year to keep a healthy interior and maintain the exterior. Here is some advice on the products to use to wash your car as naturally as possible.

What are the drive wheels on my car?

What are the drive wheels on a car?
Front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, each vehicle moves thanks to a traction force that is transmitted by the drive wheels. What is the role of each wheel and do you know the differences? It all comes down to your car, driving style and budget.

Coronavirus lockdown: useful tips for car maintenance

Coronavirus: how to maintain your parked vehicle during lockdown?
During lockdown due to the outbreak of Covid-19, your car might be immobilised for some time. You have no other choice than to leave it parked. So, why continue to maintain your car? It’s simple, maintaining your car parked for a long period of time can prevent the loss of tyre pressure which can result in flat spotting. Think ahead to when the coronavirus lockdown is lifted, to avoid any nasty surprises when starting your parked vehicle.

COVID-19: information by rezulteo

COVID-19: information rezulteo
The tyre comparison site rezulteo continues to focus on providing information about car tyres, mobility and road safety even during the corona outbreak. Working from home, the rezulteo team gives you a broad range of information and services.

8 beautiful mountain roads in Europe for a winter road trip

Road trip in winter: the most beautiful mountain roads in Europe
If you are thinking of touring Europe in winter, why not opt for beautiful mountain landscapes? With a bit of luck, the mountains will be covered with snow. Here are 8 mountain road ideas on which you can organise road trips for your winter holidays, with the right tyres of course!

What side is the fuel filler cap on?

Where is the fuel filler cap to put petrol in your car?
What side is your car’s fuel tank on? On the left or right side? When you arrive at the petrol station there is always a moment when you have to think where the fuel filler cap is before positioning your vehicle. Yet, there is a very simple way to know which side the fuel filler cap is on without having to leave your seat.
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