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2018 Review: tyre news top 10 with rezulteo

2018 has come to a close. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to read all our articles on new products and tyre industry over the past year, here’s an opportunity to catch up! rezulteo brings you the top 10 highlights of the year.

What was the Top 10 tyre news?

What was the Top 10 tyre news? © rezulteo

1. Geneva International Motor Show

The most important European motor show was a busy event for tyre manufacturers. Yokohama launched 3 new tyres including the Bluearth-4S AW21 all seasons tyre.

Goodyear focused on future mobility and its tyres featuring the green “Oxygene” concept that improves air quality when driving. The American tyre manufacturer also took the opportunity to present technologies immediately available such as “Electric Drive” for tyres develeoped for electric vehicles its smart tyre for fleets. 

Pirelli also focused on its “smart” tyres with the “Cyber Car” system which connects tyres to the vehicle via a mobile application to communicate information on their operating status.

2. Michelin sports tyres (track connect + PSC2R)

This year, Michelin further developed its sports tyres technology. First of all, the French tyre manufacturer presented “Track Connect”, its connected solution to accompany driving enthusiasts on the track. This tool helps drivers consistently improve their performance and lap times. 

An attention to detail and performance used by the Porsche 911 GT3 RS which set a lap time of under 7 minutes on the legendary Nürburgring North Loop (Nordschleife). Its secret? Custom-made Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres which were launched a few weeks later and named Pilot Sport Cup 2 R.

3. Bridgestone finally launches an all season tyre 

Bridgestone was the last “major” tyre manufacturer not to have an all season tyre in Europe. In 2018, Bridgestone finally launched its all season tyre: Weather Control A005.

4. New MOT

On the legislation side, 2018 also saw the introduction of the new MOT. In the UK changes to the MOT came into effect from 20 May 2018. The updated test will include three defect categories: minor, major and dangerous. There are as well some major defects concerning tyres.

5. Nexen concept tyre

Tyres which purify air, the new idea from tyre manufacturers. After Goodyear, it is the South-Korean brand Nexen who presented a new green concept tyre. Called “Breathre”, it will be able to filter air.

6. New labelling?

The European Commission launched a major review of tyre labelling which was first introduced in 2012. The result, a proposal to revise the legislation was produced and should be examined by the European parliament soon.

7. Michelin at the Paris Motor Show

At the Paris Motor Show, Michelin demonstrated the performances of its new tyres: CrossClimate +, Agilis CrossClimate, Primacy 4, Alpin 6 were all at the Exhibition Centre at the Porte de Versailles to present their strengths and above all, support what the French tyre manufacturer has said concerning planned obsolescence: “Performance which lasts from the first to the last mile”.

8. Nokian Powerproof and Wetproof

Summer tyres for daily use and developed by the best engineers. Nokian invited us to test its 2 new summer tyres, Powerproof and Wetproof. Their specificity? Double Formula 1 world champion Mika Hakkinen was involved in their development, and even presented them to us in person!

9. Winter tyres to become compulsory in France?

It look as winter tyres will soon be compulsory! In certain regions of France, the Prefects may enforce the use of winter tyres in winter conditions from the start of next season.

10. Pirelli remains in F1

The only tyre manufacturer in Formula 1 since 2011, Pirelli will continue to be so for the next few years. The Italian brand will supply tyres to the biggest motorsport competition until 2023.


Top 10 tyre news 2019

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