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A new species discovered in Michelin’s Ouro Verde reserve

Michelin Ouro Verde biodiversity: a new species discovered in Bahia
Where is the fuel filler cap to put petrol in your car?

What side is the fuel filler cap on?

What side is your car’s fuel tank on? On the left or right side? When you arrive at the petrol station there is always a moment when you have to think where the fuel filler cap is before positioning your vehicle. Yet, there is a very simple way to know which side the fuel filler cap is on without having to leave your seat.

Winter tyres, summer tyres, tests, regulations, innovation: top 10 tyre information

Top 10 tyre news 2019

rezulteo starts 2020 by looking back on news from the tyre world that marked 2019. Winter and summer tyres, tests and comparisons, legislation, car manufacturers and tyre retailers, sustainable mobility, innovation. We are looking back on the best tyre news of the year.

11 questions and answers about winter tyres

Winter tyres questions and answers: pressure, legislation, snow chains, price, ecology, 3PMSF, etc
Michelin Uptis airless, puncture-proof tyre rewarded for its innovation

Awards for airless tyre Michelin Uptis

At the beginning of 2019, Michelin unveiled a puncture-proof tyre called Uptis (Unique Puncture-proof Tire System), a prototype that was developed thanks to the French tyre manufacturer’s involvement in Research and Development. Michelin has received three awards for its innovation which promotes driver safety, savings and sustainable mobility.

Christmas gift list: winter tyre, snow chains, TPMS, puncture repair kit, tyre with rim protector … to offer

Christmas List: gifts for car lovers

You need a gift for a car lover, but short of ideas? For someone with a big love for cars, there is a unique range of gifts on the tyre theme. Here is rezulteo’s gift ideas for car owners which may inspire you!

2020 Pirelli Calendar is “Looking for Juliet”

2020 Pirelli Calendar: Paolo Roversi photographed Claire Foy as Juliet
Michelin Agilis 3, the new summer tyre for light commercial vehicles

Michelin Agilis 3, the new summer tyre for light duty vehicles

Tyre manufacturer Michelin launched the Agilis Crossclimate last year. The French manufacturer continues to develop its tyre range for light duty vehicles by announcing the upcoming launch of the new Agilis 3 summer tyre.

Pirelli Cyber Tyre: the tyre connected to the 5G which transmits road surface information

Cyber Tyre: Pirelli’s 5G connected tyre

A vehicle connectivity event organised by the 5GAA (Automotive Association), of which Pirelli is a member, was the opportunity for the brand to demonstrate how to use its services enhanced by the 5G. Pirelli demonstrated the Cyber Tyre, an intelligent tyre connected to the 5G network that transmits information on road conditions to the driver and to other vehicles nearby on the road.

Black Friday 2019: How to save money on tyres?

Black Friday Tyres